Another quarterly blog post!

You know, I don’t know what the issue is with me. I only ever write at the very beginning or the very end of the semesters. I need to get better about writing on a regular basis, damn it. So much happens since my previous blog posts that I end up word vomiting onto my screen and take 3 business days to write my blogs.

I’ll try to write a condensed version this time, because another writing trend of mine is writing either early in the mornings or late at night (thank you, school and work schedules).

Okay, here goes:


  • I guess a big personal change would be that I broke up with Raymond. There’s a loooooong, drawn-out story regarding that, but maybe I’ll save that for another blog post. Long story, short – I broke up with him in March — the weekend before my spring break.
  • Another personal change: casual sex is a thing for me now. Shout-out to certain individuals that made/make that possible.
  • I have gotten much closer with Vanessa and grown further from Caroline. Also, moving away from my Chico friends has distanced those relationships. I’m hoping I can make more friends in the next few years, and become very close.
  • I am living back at home *light sobbing*. Nothing personal — just like my space and independence, as well as my occasional solitude.

**Okay — change in plans. I’m going to stop here right now and go to sleep (it’s 12:27 AM). I will pick this up tomorrow (today?). I’m hoping that I can get myself up early (despite my late bedtime) and go to Peet’s in Tustin and work on my laptop for the morning, before heading out to do some errands. Wish me luck!**

**Aaaaand we’re back, ladies and gentleman. Just kidding — no one reads these! Anyway, I didn’t get up as early as I wanted to this morning (was shooting for around 6 AM, but I got up around 7:20 instead). Anyway, currently I am sitting at Peet’s in Tustin and it is a beautiful day to be working on my laptop, outside, with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I have a dentist appointment later. Anyway, back to this original post.**

  • I got my nipples pierced! That was so scary, but I love them so much. They make me actually like my nipples, instead of low-key hating them like I did before.

**Lol — I stopped writing and started working on other things I needed to do. Now it’s 10 PM! Quick update — dentist appointment wasn’t that bad, I feel lonely, but I feel good with my body.**

  • I got approved for two credit cards today! Chase Freedom Unlimited and a 76 gas card. Yay me. Look at me, all grown up.
  • Anyway, can’t think of anything else right now, so I’ll move on.


  • I got an IUD. I love it. I don’t have periods anymore. I lied to my mom about having it.
  • I’m down to 152 lbs from 175ish lbs a year or two ago.
  • I’m back to working out, although I’m on hiatus right now because my back is injured.
  • I’m going to have a physical, where I’ll ask about my sinus issues.
  • I’m going to the dermatologist, where I’ll discuss my moles and my acne that has returned (wtf man?).
  • I’m going to get a massage which will hopefully help my back pain. If not, I’ll go to the chiropractor.
  • I’m eating better than I have been in a while, but I need to stop eating out (curse you, convenient Whole Foods market next to my work).


  • Currently applying to graduate programs. I don’t know for sure what I want to do with my life. I graduated with my Nutrition and Food Sciences (Communications option) with the class of Spring 2017. Go me.


  • Currently working as a shift supervisor at Peet’s Coffee and Tea in Huntington Beach. $12.75/hour.
  • Currently looking for other jobs that are more… “adult-y”.


  • You know what? I’m going to save this for another blog post.


Quick note to myself:

Blog Topics I Want to Write About:

  • Goals
  • Why I feel lonely
  • How I feel about my breakup with Raymond
  • Career options
  • Places I want to travel to/visit (? – maybe)

Well, this about wraps it up for right now. I’m going to bed feeling better than I did 30 minutes ago, so that’s good. I was feeling pretty down and pretty lonely. Hopefully I wake up feeling better tomorrow. And hopefully I work with good people tomorrow. Obviously, I got very “over” this blog post by the end of it. But I had a lot to word vomit because it’s been so long since I’d written anything, and a lot has happened. I keep saying this, but hopefully I’ll keep up with writing a lot better from now on. I actually think I will because I have so much more free time, it’s something I’ve really wanted to do, and I think it’s so therapeutic. Well, from me to me — good luck!


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