The New Semester…

Well I’m still terrible about writing on a regular basis. I’ll try to get better at that this semester because even if no one reads these, it helps me in a variety of ways. One way is it improves my English skills by practicing. It also helps improve my typing skills and speed. Finally, it helps me to sort out my thoughts and organize myself — sort of like free therapy maybe?

Anyway, so far this semester is not looking so great. My school schedule will be busy, but I’m really nervous that I won’t get into a class I NEED to graduate next semester. It’s so frustrating because there are people in the class who don’t need it this semester, but won’t give up their spots for someone, like me, who does need it. It’s only offered in the fall!

Another shitty aspect of this semester – my work schedule at the Front Desk. I don’t know what they were smoking when they built this schedule, but it must have been some really gnarly stuff. They scheduled me to work 6 days a week with three 2 AM – 6 AM shifts and three 12 AM – 2 AM shifts… REALLY?! I told them I couldn’t do that, especially considering I should have priority scheduling since I’ve been here for a year and a half. They’re supposed to be fixing it, but I’m quitting if they don’t. I just can’t function with that kind of schedule. 18 units, working at the coffee shop, volunteering, PLUS those garbage hours? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have time to sleep, do homework, study, or relax at all. I also wasn’t given any weekend nights off. Absolutely ridiculous. No.

Funny enough, I’m working on this blog during a 2 AM – 6 AM shift right now. I needed to write because I was reading an email from my professor that seemed to suggest that I wasn’t going to get into the class… So I’m REALLY nervous and just needed to write. I think I may try to go to her office and talk to her about why I need to get into a section and show her my schedule maybe. I’m freaking out though.

Also pretty irritating: the freshman are idiots in North Campus this year so they used up all of the fucking paper so I can’t print the things I need for class. It is literally 2:40 AM on the second day, meaning they used it all before the first day.


On a lighter note, I’ve made some friends in Chico finally, which is really nice. My new roommate is already so much better than my last two roommates, so that’s really great. The only thing is that she’s sort of an energy waster, so our PG&E bill is probably going to sky-rocket this month…

I also just finished reading a book. I’ve been wanting to get back into pleasure reading for a while, so I finally read a book at the end of this summer. The Color Purple was really good, but quite depressing with a happy ending. Ironically, the movie was on Netflix so I was able to watch it right after I finished reading it. I liked it — the actors were great (you go, Whoopi), but I just think that they emphasized some things too much without emphasizing other things as much as they needed. I think it would be confusing to someone who hasn’t read it; they would also miss a lot of the little subtleties and nuances.

I also ordered the new Harry Potter book, so I’m really excited about that. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts 1 and 2), should be arriving at the end of this week! I’ll probably breeze through that really quickly.

Vanessa is coming to visit next week too! We’re going to go to a party at my friend Deavon’s place, so that should be fun.

I need to get going on things that I need to do now, but I don’t really feel any better actually. I still have a lot I could write (like everything that has been going wrong lately as well as some other good things), but I just need to start focusing on schoolwork for now. I feel genuinely sad about my class… I really hope I can get in.


PS – Is it possible to bruise the muscle or bone in your eye? My left eye hurts like a bruise when I close it or touch it, but it doesn’t look bruised.

Anyway, here’s hoping things start looking up and I don’t drown in my schedule this semester.


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