The Next Day

A lot happened yesterday after my blog post. I added a Nutrition and Food Sciences major in Communications to my academic plan. I added and dropped classes for next semester, completely changing the beautiful schedule I had built for myself. And my amazing boyfriend surprised me with ice cream (he’s the best!).

I also sent my mom my blog post so she could get all the details without me having to explain everything again. She didn’t seem thrilled, but what are ya gonna do?

Here’s what’s going on now:

  • I have added a major in nutrition communications; I will be finished with that major three semesters from right now (Fall 2017) which would allow me to finish college a semester early.
  • I am still pursuing the nursing program. I am going to do my best and hope that it’s enough.
    • If I get into the program, maybe I will just double major, maybe I will swap my nutrition major back to a minor. Who knows?
    • If I don’t get into the program, continue with my nutrition major and keep applying every semester for the program. OR, just attend a nursing program at a junior college.
    • I am considering getting my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) License. It is a 4-8 week program that could earn me an extra point for the nursing program (2 points if I work for at least 6 months). Plus it’s good experience, right?
  • I am (hopefully) going to take Anatomy and a Journalism class over the summer through Butte Community College. Re-taking anatomy could help my GPA (maybe) for the nursing program (I got a C the first time; shame on me!). The journalism class is online and goes towards the nutrition major. These are both in addition to volunteering at Enloe Hospital. I am also currently researching the CNA program through Red Cross to see if I could do that as well.
  • Fruit for thought: I only need four classes for a minor in Exercise Science. Go for it?
  • Texted my boss to let her know my fantastic availability had changed – and not for the better. Thankfully, she’s an awesome boss and said we can work it out, so yay.
  • I am currently procrastinating studying (I never actually studied yesterday, it was really awful). I am sitting in Mondo’s just writing this blog post because I can’t get myself to focus. This is my little break then FOCUS TIME.


On another note, today is the four year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. I miss her a lot. She was by far the best grandma anyone could be blessed with. 16 people were fortunate enough to have her as a grandmother, and even more were blessed to have her as a great-grandmother.

I should consider myself lucky to have been close with her at all. However, as the youngest grandchild by at least 4 years, I can’t help but feel robbed that I had such little time with her compared to my siblings and cousins. It makes me teary-eyed to know she didn’t get to see me graduate high school, go to college, get my first jobs, or make the dean’s list. She won’t ever get to see me graduate college, become a nurse (or whatever I become), or see my wedding.

However, I was so blessed with the relationship I had with her. My most favorite memories with her were when she would pick me up from school. We would sit in the parking lot for ages. She would tell me stories – some real, like when my mom was a little girl – and others made up. We would then eventually make our way back to her house, where I could have Progresso soup (my mom didn’t buy Progresso, but it was so much better than Campbell’s), or canned fruit cocktail (the cherries were the best part), and always, frozen Milky Ways. I could pick oranges from her orange tree, climb the wall that bordered the neighbor’s house and pick their plums – even if they were hard as rocks. I could climb the tree in the front yard, or she was always game to play checkers, Monopoly, cards, tiles, or Chutes and Ladders. Eventually, my mom or dad would pick me up after work, and I could look forward to the same thing the next day.

During Christmas, it was always our thing to set up the Christmas village. My mom inherited many pieces of my grandma’s set, and we’ve since added our own pieces. It’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas time. Even if we weren’t going to decorate anything else, the village needs to be set up.

We, as in my entire family, had so many amazing memories with that wonderful, beautiful lady. I miss her all the time, especially recently. I love you, Gram. I know you’re dancing in heaven with Grandpa.Gram


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