Trying Things Out: My First Blog Post


I’ve been considering starting a blog for a long time now. I’ve wanted to write in a journal, but I never seem to be able to consistently write in it. Since most of my life lives on my laptop, hopefully a blog will be more successful than a personal journal.

I guess I will start by introducing myself:

Hi! My name is Erin. I’m a 20 year old girl who currently goes to college at California State University, Chico. I’m originally from Orange County, California. I’m just your average girl, really.

I grew up playing soccer and I was the goalie/keeper. I was pretty good at it (not to toot my own horn). I love being outside and going hiking, biking, walking, etc. I like taking pictures of things, reading, and watching movies. I love Food Network and particularly love the Pioneer Woman, Giada, and The Barefoot Contessa. I love cooking and baking and experimenting with cooking too! (Just yesterday I made up two desserts that turned out great! Maybe I’ll post recipes on here too, now that I’m thinking about it.) Even though I love being active, I also love being lazy. I love lounging in my bed or on the couch watching tv/a movie/Netflix, etc. I love to browse Facebook and Pinterest on my laptop, looking at pages on Instagram, etc. I like to describe myself as “a fun girl who likes a lot of basic things, but isn’t basic”. I do love my Starbucks/coffee, but I also make hideous faces, burp loudly, make jokes, experiment with makeup, etc. I love my chick flicks, but I also love Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. Thus – I like basic things, but I am not basic. 😀 Moving on with this post…

This year seems like it’s going to bring a lot of changes for me and my family. I have new goals that I’m excited for, my family is moving, I might be studying abroad in England… So much is upon me!

I guess I will take this time to write some of my goals for the year.

  • Get straight A’s – This semester is supposed to be very tough for me. I’m taking Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Elementary Food (which has a cooking class lab!), Nutrition and Physical Fitness, and Red Cross First Aid and CPR. Fingers crossed! I’m totally willing to put the work in, I just have a hard time finding the motivation to do so when I’m constantly so busy.
  • Get my fitness on track – Yeah, this sounds SO cliche as well as “been there done that”. HOWEVER, I’m really hoping I can get it together. I’m pretty uncomfortable in my current body. The same issues with motivation in school apply to fitness as well. I like to be active, but I don’t really like the gym or running. I enjoy hiking, walking, bike riding, etc. Those things take time though – time I don’t really have. Another issue I run into with fitness is I LOVE food. I’m a total foodie. I love cooking, baking, trying new foods, going out to eat, etc. I like food that is healthy but I also like food that is “good for the soul” (AKA, unhealthy AF). I love experimenting with foods too. Hopefully I can find a good balance to help me get into shape, build some muscle back up, and get a bit more flexible.
  • Travel – Oh my god! I am so ready to travel. I haven’t really been anywhere. I’ve been to a couple of small cities (Minden and Laughlin, Nevada) and I have also been to Mexico and Hawaii, but I was 5. I’m hoping this year I can finally start seeing more of the world. I want to study abroad in England, I want to take a road trip or two in the United States along the (West) coast, I want to go to New York/the East Coast, I want to go everywhere!
  • Try new things – This ties in with pretty much everything. I’ve never earned straight A’s, getting into shape is new, traveling is definitely new, etc. I’ve recently been mulling over cutting my hair. Right now it is very long and dead at the ends. I also struggle with a dry scalp (AKA dandruff). I think lobs are SO cute. I am very apprehensive though – WHAT IF IT LOOKS AWFUL?! But at the same time, I know it’s just hair, and I know it will grow back. Anyway, moving on – I would also love to learn to speak Spanish and sign (American Sign Language). It’s going to be a busy, busy year for me! Maybe this blog will improve my writing (and typing?)? I would also like to branch out and be more social.

Well, I guess those are the major things. There’s some other small things like drinking enough water, save more money, take better care of my skin and teeth, etc. But those are the big ones I think! I guess I’ll return to watching my movie now! Princess Diaries 2 here I come!



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